"Oh hey Hannah!"
The Nyan Cat to the player in Nyan Cat: Lost in Space
The Nyan Cat (Or Pop-Tart cat) is a gray tom with a vanilla pop-tart with pink sprinkles and lighter icing fixed to his back and pink cheeks.

Game AppearancesEdit

Nyan Cat FlyEdit

The Nyan Cat is customizable in over 20 different ways.

When you get a candy, the Nyan Cat purrs or meows and the "OmNometer" goes up by 1. When you fill it, he makes a "delighted" sound. When you get a vegetable, he becomes transparent and comes back after 3 seconds. When all of your lives are lost, a realistic picture of the Nyan Cat appears and the game is over.

Lost in SpaceEdit

The Nyan Cat is not customizable, but there are more features.

It is a "Run and Jump" game and when you touch a candy, he does not make any noise but just keeps going. When you touch an enemy, he shrieks and falls off of the platform. When you touch the magnent, it will go on top of his pastry. When you touch the pill your eyes will get bigger and a pale outline of the Nyan Cat will go behind you. It makes the Nyan Cat run/fly faster. When you fall off of the bottom platform, the game is over.



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