So you want to make your own Nyan Cat, but don't know how? Ice Cave will show you!


Opening it up

We'll be using Gimp. (Download)Now that you've downloaded it, we'll need the blanks. Drag it out of the screen if you're using a Mac or if you're using a Windows, right-click it and choose "Save File as." Then, open it up in Gimp.

Pastry Colors

If you are the Vanilla type, then you should choose #ffcc99 for your pastry. If you're the chococat, choose #723800.

Taccing your Nayn

To "Tac a cat," select and copy your mouth and then open up a new canvas size 86x30. Click your brushes and select the very first one, then place it in the center. Then click image+transform+vertical and select and copy your image again. Then, paste it in the original image's mouth. You have "Tacced" your mouth. Now do the same with the eyes!

Screen Shots


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