Tac nayn I really hated and hates nyan cat, why? He is emo! Nyan cat is not, it is the opposite, and has +100,000,000 Fans! While tac nayn, It's not SOOOOO SOOOOOOOOO famous, he barely has a couple of fans, and most come to tell him that nyan cat is better, He was once Friend of all, But ... One day ... He was playing with the sun, then The "Girlfriend" of nyan cat, fall in the sun, Then ... donut cat (A being of much power) I push the sun towards him, and he died ... Or not? I was torn to pieces, Then, in that same place, Donut cat and nyan cat laughed, Crashing the five, From that day he decided to DESTROY nyan cat -PusheentheCat123638 / Bunny

Stupid Rainbows...

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